Awards of 1906 the Olympic issue (philatelic literature)


The study "the 1906 Olympic Issue" has delineated an interesting and satisfying course in International (FIP), European (FEPA) or National Exhibitions. It was been presented and honored with:

Honorary Medal
Gold Medal + Prix Special (“HUNFILA ’07”, Budapest)
Gold Medal + Prix Special (“BALKANFILA ’07”, Constantinople)
Large Gold Medal (“INTERPHILA ’07”, Praha)
Special Award of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation for 2007
Gold Medal + Prix Special (“SLOVOLYMPHILA ’08”, Bratislava)
Large Verm. Medal (“EFIRO ’08”, Bucuresti)
Gold Medal (“WIPA ’08”, Wien)
Special Award of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee 2009
Large Gold Medal (National “LAVRION 2009”)
Gold Medal (ANTVERPIA 2010, Belgium)
Large Gold Metal (National PATRAPHILEX 2010)

1906” already received the congratulations and thankfulness of the honorary president of the CIO, his excellence Mr J. A. Samaranch, of the former and present Presidents of the European Philatelic Federation (FEPA), Mr Pedro Vaz Pereira and J. Jorgensen, the former President of FIP Mr Knud Mohr, the former CIO Philatelic Director Dr Manfred Bergman.

It also adorns many libraries and among them the libraries of

  • The International Olympic Committee (CIO, Lausanne)
  • The Museum of Philately and Olympic Games (Ancient Olympia)
  • The Museum of the International Olympic Academy (Ancient Olympia)
  • The Library of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee
  • The Ioannis Latsis Foundation
  • The Syros island Municipal Library (one of the two oldest Libraries in Greece)

But obviously, the greatest award, the recognition above all the so far prize awardings is the Praise with which the Academy of Athens, the National Academy of Greece awarded the “1906” on 30/12/08.

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