The  Olympic  Issues  of  Greece 


The International Olympic Games of Athens

After the great international success of the first Olympic Games in Athens, 1896, the second Olympiad (Paris 1900) and the third (Saint Louis 1904) had a dramatic diminution of the Games meaning. They didn’t obtain to realize the target and to preserve something of the spirit of the Great Event.
The tenth celebration of the event in Athens, 1906, gave the “great impulse” for the preservation of the Games and their continuation till our days. We can say that it saved the institution of the Olympic Games.

The 1906 stamps issue, contributed a lot to this event.

The following exhibit opens and presents through philately and authentic documents the historical folds of this Great Event. Its target is to present the 1906 issue concerning to all aspects of its printing, proofs, choice of colours, varieties of perforations till its last day of circulation (1923), through the normal but also the irregular postal rates.

The exhibit is presented in the following groups by frame

Frame 1: Historical reference to Olympia, Philatelic Documents, essays, proofs.
Frame 2: The issue, mint stamps.
Frame 3: The issue, used stamps.
Frame 4, 5, 6: Stamps on covers (mailed stamps)
Frame 7, 8: Remarkable dates of circulation.
Frame 9, 10: Important Postmarks, Fiscals and Revenues.

Highlights of the collection are included the absolutely unique items as: two proofs of 5 and 40 Lepta, the 5 Drachmae used block of four and the world wide famous block of twelve (the highest known postage for the Hellenic Philately),
the used 25 Lepta perforated vertical strip of four, the used 30 Lepta block of eight,  and the 40 Lepta block of fifteen the mint varieties of perforation for the great valuations (1, 2, 3, 5 Drachmae), the used 1 Lepton imperforated strip of three, the (3) First and the Last day of circulation on commercial cards and cover, the 2 Drachmae on postal receipt book (1910), the 2 Drachmae on Postal Bulletin (1914), and the 3 Drachmae used block of six, used as revenue.

A selection of the above frames is exhibited in International Exhibitions according to those who allowed by the Organizing Committees.

References: The Philatelic sectors of the Hellenic Olympic Museum (Olympia), the CIO Olympic Museum (Lausanne), the M. Bergman, E. Zillieron, G. Sparis, O. Virtannen, †H. Manhart and the exhibitor’s collections, as well as his well-known study “The 1906 Olympic Issue”.

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