The Olympic Issues of Greece 


The contributors and details of the issue



              Choice of themes:                       
Prof. I. Svoronos
              Artistic designer: E. Gillieron (later Emile Zillieron (1850-1924)
              Engraver: Louis-Eugene Mouchon (1843-1914)
              Printing: Perkins-Bacon Printing House (Oct. 1905 - June 1906)
              Paper: Light coloured, half-thic (for J. P. Segg needs).
Different colours, ochre to white, rather thick (P-B).
Thin paper was used for the final die proofs and same trials.
              Perforation 14x14, 131/2 x14 (large size - small size)


Remarkable point: the small coloured lines, horizontal for the small size, vertical for the large size,
were mostly used for a special J. P. Segg order/commission.


Perkins-Bacon printing
1906_01_06c_l 1906_01_05b_l

Mostly for J. P. Segg,
special orders

The 40 Lepta Perkins-Bacon final proof on a thin paper sheetlet 55x68 mm,
the only known till today

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