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The Greek Olympic Issues, 1896, 1900-1901, 1906

st_olym84_2_lMichael E. TSIRONIS specializes in Greek Olympic philately,
along with his general interests in Greek, Levant and Zeppelin flights phi­lately.
He is an award-winning exhibitor, lecturer, accredited philatelic judge,
member of the Greek Philatelic Federation Council and of the Royal Philatelic Society of London.




This rare and valuable ex­hibit covers the development of the Greek Olympic issues of 1896, 1900/01 and 1906 from their classical point of view, documents and traditional philatelism. The Olympic charter was approved during the first meeting of the Interna­tional Olympic Games Committee (later to become the International Olympic Committee) on June 23, 1884. Point 6 of this Char­ter stated that "Olympic Games shall be held for the first time in Athens in 1896, and for the second time in Paris in 1900, and afterwards every four years in the other cities of the world." Thus began the Olympic Games of the modern era.

In the spring of 1895, Crown Prince Constantine of Greece was asked by the Philatelic Club of Athens for his support in the issuance of a set of commemorative stamps noting the first Games of the modern era. The result of this request is seen in these frames.

Commencing with material from the Olympia post office, and Olympic Committee cancellations, this exhibit continues through specimens and proofs, the first day post­mark of March 25, and the display of these stamps in many forms—sheets, blocks and strips, and perfo­ration varieties.

st_olym84_3_lThe only known block of four of the mis-perforated 1Dr  
Greek Olympic issue of 1896, surcharged in 1901 (5l).




Their usage to meet various postage rates, in­cluding registration and postage due, is also shown here. Other pages show the stamps with railway and naval cancellations, as well as special studies of the "Treasury" cancels and of the Athenian post offices.

In 1900 and 1901, there were surcharges ap­plied to the remaining stocks of this first issue with values for foreign parcels and for money orders. There are several varieties and er­rors that are seen here with the normal printings.

For the second Greek Games, in 1906, another set of commemorative stamps was issued. These are dis­played, along with the documents and proofs relat­ing to this issue, varieties, and various usages. The first commemorative postmarks for the Stadion, Zappeion and Acropolis are also shown here. The highlight is a unique imperforate block of four set.

The documents relating to these games are also of great interest and form the second phase of this exhibit.

Included are the news­papers of the era, game re­sults, programs, tickets, invitations of the Olympic Committees, awards lists and some of the awards themselves. The most im­portant of all these is the of­ficial decree authorizing the issuance of a set of stamps for the first Olympic Games.

st_olym84_4_l5l ­and 10l of 1896 in combi­nation with the 7900 overprints
on large Hermes heads posted to Italy, 25 May 7907.
A unique item with this franking.








The decree containing the authorization
for the issuance of the first Olympic stamps.









st_olym84_6_lOne of the few known blocks
of four of the 10dr 1896 issue.

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