In this site are presented different collections referring to the Greek Olympic issues of 1896 and 1906. They are accompanied by the proper information – but for more details of them you can contact to the author, specialist on them and FIP juror.

Here are also presented some articles or studies which have been previously published especially in FIP and Olymphilex’s exhibitions catalogues; most of them have been translated in twelve languages in total.

Finally is also presented the “1906 Olympic issue”, his life work (360 pages), which is referring to the way of issuing of a stamps issue, as well as to the details and the specific particularities of the 1906 Olympic issue of Greece, full of history, mythology and philately. The book was awarded by the 2008 Praise of Academy of Athens and among others with twelve gold medals in FIP, FEPA and National exhibitions (2007 till today).  

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